Open Letter to ACI National Associations

Dear ACI Member
7 April 2014

It gives me great pleasure to have been appointed as your first professional President of the ACI International. The long history of the ACI, and its deep commitment to ethical behaviour in the OTC markets, is comprised of strong individual membership in our national associations. You are the strength of the ACI, with your ideas, local and global involvement in making our association a truly world-class group. I am honoured to be able to serve you.

While my specific goals and objectives will be set by the Managing Board and the Steering Committee over the coming period, the hard work has already begun. I am committed to assisting with the strengthening of our individual membership internationally, to educating participants in the market about our core values, education programmes, Model Code and a variety of other exciting projects that our members are working on. We have a number of work streams planned that will add to the value of being an ACI member, and more is coming. Our strength is in our diversity of individual activity, our inclusion of all types of market participants and our view that working collectively to the highest possible standards will bring greater results for our industry.

My hope is that I am able to meet as many of our national associations as possible in the coming years, and that I am able to help guide our group to its rightful place as the leading global financial markets association. We have genuine growth opportunities all over the globe. Please continue to work through your national and regional leadership to help us deliver on your needs.

Thank you for the support and commitment you have already shown to this process.

Faithfully yours
Marshall Bailey| CFA
ACI – The Financial Markets Association +44 (0) 207 537 6250 (office)
+44 (0) 7730 457 717 (mobile)